About Us

Pureair Certification Pty Ltd was founded in 2002. The directors of the company identified the need for a comprehensive service driven company to satisfy the requirements of a neglected industry “the first time”. The directors brought together substantial skills and experience to offer unsurpassed service for the certification of HEPA filters and associated apparatus in high efficiency controlled environments in medical, pharmaceutical and research fields.

Pureair Certification Pty Ltd is a NATA accredited on site testing facility utilising the latest technology and test methods to ensure the filter system efficiency and operational effectiveness of your facility. We take a holistic approach to installations to provide a comprehensive service for the equipment and you, the customer. Through dialogue and working with our customers, together we can achieve our common goals and objectives.

Owing to our experience within the industry, we have forged strong alliances, which allow Pureair Certification Pty Ltd to offer complete service support both in Australia and abroad. We have extensive knowledge and experience across all systems and have access to current information and support networks. Contact us for all your certification requirements.

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