NATA Accredited Services

Through our NATA scope of accreditation, we are able to provide the following testing and certification services for:

  • HEPA filters and associated apparatus
  • Laminar flow clean work benches
  • Class 1 biological safety cabinets
  • Class 2 biological safety cabinets
  • Cytotoxic safety cabinets
  • Animal handling cabinets
  • Clean room installations
  • Cupboards
  • Recirculating fume cupboards

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  • Supply, installation and certification of HEPA filters.
  • Gaseous decontamination (fumigation) of filter installations and clean rooms.
  • Replacement of air filters serving air handling equipment inclusive of primary and secondary filters.
  • Servicing and maintenance of air handling equipment.
  • Supply of proprietary and generic air filter ranges from G4 to F9 rated filters
  • Supply, installation and servicing of filters and associated filter products ranging from G4 panel and bag filters to final / remote HEPA filter installations.

Mechanical Repairs

  • Our team incorporates the expertise of qualified and licensed electrical, sheetmetal and mechanical fitter tradesmen.
  • Repair, modify and servicing of air conditioning ducting and filter installations.

Emergency Services

For 24 hour a day 7 days a week emergency breakdown services, please contact the below team members for expert advice and prompt service.

Brad Thomson 0408 020 653

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